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Why Breast Revision?

plastic surgery, breast augmentation, breast revision, breast implants, Vectra 3D  imagingCosmetic breast surgery is designed to last a long time, and most women’s first breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, or other breast procedure is also their last. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. There are various reasons some women may undergo breast revision surgery after their initial breast procedure, despite the fact that breast enhancement continues to enjoy a high patient-satisfaction rate. Natural changes to the patient’s body, evolving aesthetic preferences, and various other circumstances can lead a patient to desire a breast revision procedure. Many people remain unfamiliar with this option, so here are the basics of breast revision surgery:

Decisions, decisions…

There are many aspects to consider when evaluating your breast augmentation options. Although breast implant size is probably the first thing that comes to mind, you also need to choose between saline or silicone, textured or smooth, and teardrop or round breast implants. You also get to choose whether you’d like the breast implants placed above or below the chest muscle. During patient consultations, I always take time to discuss and explain each aspect of the procedure and answer any questions my patients may have. Using things like sample implants and Vectra® M3 imaging, we can paint a detailed portrait of what you can expect from your procedure. I give patients everything they need to make educated decisions, but there’s always a possibility that they may change their mind down the road.

Things change…

Some women simply choose breast revision surgery to replace their breast implants with different sized breast implants. Over time, with weight loss/gain and the effects of pregnancy, a woman’s body changes, and the breast implants that once flattered her body may not anymore. In some cases, I will perform breast reduction and breast lift techniques as needed for women who choose this option. This can be performed with or without replacing the breast implants, as some women want their implants removed altogether. In other cases, a woman may simply want to switch her saline breast implants for silicone ones, or vice versa.

A corrective option…

Women occasionally have breast revision surgery to fix complications. Breast augmentation complications are rare, especially when the surgery is performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and aftercare instructions are followed. The most common type of breast augmentation complication is capsular contracture, which occurs when the body forms a fibrous tissue lining around the breast implant, causing it to feel hard. This can be remedied by a capsulectomy breast revision surgery to restore the breasts’ natural softness. “Bottoming out” is another complication that occurs when breast implants fall too low and leave the nipple sitting high, producing a droopy appearance. Bottoming out can be corrected by repositioning scar tissue to move breasts to a higher, natural-looking position.

No matter the reason you pursue breast revision surgery, I want to help you get the results you want. If you’re interested in breast revision surgery or any of the other plastic surgery procedures I perform, contact me, Dr. James Namnoum, to schedule a consultation today. Be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest plastic surgery news and updates, as well as tips on living and looking healthy.

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