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Breast Lift Surgery With Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. James Namnoum

There are many factors that can contribute to sagging breasts, including aging, pregnancy, and weight loss. Breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy, can restore a higher breast position for a perkier, more youthful appearance. Atlanta Breast Lift Specialist Dr. James Namnoum is a leader in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery and he offers personalized breast lift procedures as well as breast lift with augmentation and breast lift with breast implant removal.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Rejuvenate drooping or deflated breasts
  • Increase confidence
  • Reduce excess skin for a tighter, firmer look
  • Eliminate physical discomfort caused by sagging breasts
  • Reposition nipples that have begun to point downward


What to Expect During Breast Lift Surgery

During a breast lift procedure, Dr. Namnoum tightens the supporting breast tissue and trims the excess skin around the breasts to give the breasts a more youthful and upward position. Often, he will use specialized techniques to rearrange the sagging glandular tissue. The shifting of sagging tissues from the lower portion of the breast to the upper results in improved projection and enhanced decolletage. Dr. Namnoum may use fat transfer to the cleavage and upper portion of the breast through a combination of liposuction from the hips, abdomen, or thighs for a more refined result.


Preparing for Breast Lift Surgery

The first step is a consultation appointment with Dr. Namnoum at his Atlanta office. During your appointment, he will examine your breasts, discuss your concerns, and gain an understanding of your aesthetic goals. 3-Dimensional imaging and analysis will help review the existing breast shape, identify asymmetries, refine the goals, and model the desired improvements in appearance. If you and Dr. Namnoum agree that breast lift surgery is right for you, he will outline a personalized treatment plan. You will need to refrain from smoking and all tobacco products prior to surgery. 


Breast Lift Recovery

You will likely experience some swelling and discomfort or pain after surgery, which can be managed with medication. You will need to wear a special soft bra to aid in your healing. You will need to refrain from any heavy lifting or strenuous movement for several weeks after your procedure. Dr. Namnoum will give you detailed postoperative instructions and schedule a follow up appointment to monitor your recovery.


Breast Lift Results

[See real breast lift patient before and after photos.]


Am I a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Dr. Namnoum may recommend breast lift surgery, also known as a mastopexy, for women whose breasts have shifted downward in position due to the effects of pregnancy, age, heredity, or weight loss. Ideal candidates are in good general health and at a stable weight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

What will my breast lift scars look like?

Because of Dr. Namnoum’s expertise in breast surgery, he can utilize techniques to avoid the commonly used “anchor shaped” incision. This minimizes the scarring that can result from breast lift surgery. Postoperative scar treatments are designed to accelerate scar maturation and minimization.

Will a breast lift change my bra size?

Breast lift surgery without implants is not intended to change the size of the breasts. It is typical though for patients to report wearing a slightly smaller bra size after surgery because they previously needed a larger cup to hold the excess skin or sagging tissue, while some patients find that their breasts appear larger because they have improved cleavage.1 The addition of fat grafting to the upper pole of the breast and cleavage (decolletage) will enhance the result without significantly changing the breast size. Fat grafting may also be of value to equalize the volume of the breast when significant asymmetry is present.

Should I get breast implants in addition to breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is a great option for patients who have always been happy with the size of their breasts, but are seeking a solution to sagging or would like to improve the position of their breasts. If, however, you would like to add volume to your breasts, then a mastopexy with augmentation may be right for you.

Are there risks associated with breast lift surgery?

Any and all medical procedures carry some risk of side effects or complications. Potential risks of breast augmentation can include infection, bleeding, fluid accumulation, or changes in breast sensation.2 Dr. Namnoum is highly experienced and is deeply committed to patient safety. 

What does breast lift surgery in Atlanta cost?

Dr. Namnoum does not believe in one-size-fits-all when it comes to plastic surgery. Since each patient receives a customized treatment plan, the price of breast lift surgery can vary. The best way to learn more about breast lift surgery is to schedule a consultation appointment. 


Contact Dr. James Namnoum for Breast Lift Surgery in Atlanta

For more information about breast lift procedures, please contact our office today. A consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss your unique situation and consider the wide variety of options available to you.

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