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Natalia’s Experience

My prime example of a professional physician is my doctor, Dr. Namnoum. Dr. Namnoum manages to give expert medical advice and also provide emotional support without breaching personal boundaries. Growing up, Dr. Namnoum treated me for a congenital chest deformity— I often had to take off my shirt during physical exams and when preparing for surgery. If I ever cried or felt embarrassed, Dr. Namnoum made sure that I was comfortable before starting his exam. Even though Dr. Namnoum did not have my condition, he is the closest anyone has ever come to making me feel like they understand that part of me. One time, many of his team members came with him for my visit. I started to cry because I felt scared and overwhelmed. Dr. Namnoum cleared the room so that it was just my family and him. He made sure that I felt safe and assured me that all he needed to do was look and that no one was going to hurt me or laugh at the way I looked. He told me that he would tell me before he did anything with any instruments and that nothing would catch me by surprise. For me, this is the most professional thing a doctor can do. Dr. Namnoum made me feel safe and like I could trust him with a side of me that I don’t feel like most people can understand. In the future, I hope to offer the same comfort and care to others that Dr. Namnoum gave to me.

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