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Minimizing Scars in Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery, breast enhancement, scar reduction, facial plastic surgery, plastic surgery recoveryScarring is one of the main concerns about plastic surgery recovery I regularly hear about from patients. Most people understand that, any time the skin is broken, a scar will eventually show up. Fortunately, I’ve been developing techniques for making scars as inconspicuous as possible for as long as I’ve been practicing plastic surgery. I do everything I can to make any scars unnoticeable and, in some cases, am able to make them imperceptible.

How do I minimize scarring in plastic surgery?

What can you, as a patient, do to minimize any scarring?

There are limits to just how much scarring can be avoided, but years of practice and honing my skills has made me adept at minimizing the appearance of scars and other blemishes. The manner and rate at which a patient heals may differ from person to person, as genetics, age, health, and other factors can influence the healing process. Additional treatments known as scar revision or scar removal procedures can be performed for patients who desire further scar reduction.

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