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Communication the Key to a Successful Breast Augmentation

One aspect of cosmetic plastic surgery that people often overlook is the importance of communication.  As a board-certified plastic surgeon with Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., I have performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures, and over the years I have found that the most satisfied patients are always those who have been able to honestly communicate what bothers them about their breasts and who have a clear idea of what they can reasonably expect.  Unfortunately, getting women to open up about their desires, and making them understand exactly what a breast augmentation procedure can and cannot do, can often be more difficult than one might imagine.

Every woman is unique, and each has her own individual opinions about what the “perfect” breasts might look like.  However, social pressures or the fear of being judged can sometimes prevent a patient from expressing those opinions, especially in front of a doctor she has only just met.  This might lead to a situation, like the one I describe in the video below, where a woman might say that she wants a result that “looks natural” but, when given a series of images to choose from, gravitates towards the largest breasts available, even if they might look unnatural on her frame.  This disparity or discordance between what is said and what is selected is, I believe, one of the most significant causes for unsatisfactory plastic surgery results.  You can hear me explain further in this video I filmed on the Plastic Surgery Channel.

In addition to trying on different sizes and shapes of implants in the office, one of the best ways that I have found to help women to overcome this basic communication problem is with pre-operative, three-dimensional simulation technology, like the Vectra® M3 imaging system.  This advanced medical imaging device uses multiple high-resolution cameras to simultaneously capture photos of the breasts, body, or face from different viewpoints, so that they can be digitally compiled into a high resolution three-dimensional computer image. This three-dimensional image can be manipulated, via the computer, to simulate potential plastic surgery results, allowing a patient to understand how different sizes and shapes of breast implants will look on their own bodies.  More importantly, I have found that giving women a chance to experiment with their various breast implant options, either physically of through the use of this technology, can often give them the opportunity and the encouragement they might need to open up about what they really want.

There are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to undergo breast augmentation, but the final decisions are always personal.  It is my hope that, by giving women the opportunity to take advantage of these advanced consultation tools I can help them to feel more empowered so that they can confidently choose the options that are best for them.  If you are interested in scheduling a plastic surgery consultation in order to learn more about any of the cosmetic procedures that I perform, contact me, Dr. James Namnoum, today or connect with me on social media for more plastic surgery news and updates.

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