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Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is a procedure during which excess skin and fat of the inner thigh, anterior thigh, and posterior thigh are corrected through an incision that is placed within the confines of the creases stretching around the groin and perineum, as well as the posterior buttock.

In some instances, particularly those in which there is a tremendous amount of excess skin, a two-vector approach may be needed in which skin and fat are removed vertically from the inside portion of the upper leg in conjunction with the previously described incision. Thus, there is a scar oriented along the curvature of the thigh, inguinal region, perineum, and buttock as well as a vertical scar extending for a varying length down the anterior thigh.

Thigh lifts are typically done on patients who have experienced a massive weight loss, however, they can be of value for the patient who has excess, redundant skin of the upper thigh that they find discomfiting.

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