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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is recommended for women or men who are negatively affected by the size of their breasts.

Woman may choose to have a breast reduction procedure for reasons including health issues (such as back and neck problems) and aesthetic concerns.

During breast reduction the excess glandular tissue and skin is tailored to create a lifted, smaller breast. The nipple is moved upward on the breast but it is generally not detached. Nipple sensitivity can be affected but women usually retain the same sensation they had prior to the reduction procedure. While breast reduction may decrease the amount of milk produced, breast- feeding after reduction is also a strong likelihood.

Breast reductions may be grouped into two categories; Functional and Aesthetic. Functional reductions involve removing enough breast volume to improve significant neck and back pain, and or rashes under the breasts. A secondary aim is to create a lifted breast mound. Functional breast reduction may be covered by a third party insurer however each plan differs markedly and coverage is unpredictable. Dr. Namnoum’s assistant, Cindi White, can help guide interested parties through the process of exploring approval. Aesthetic breast reduction is aimed at removing smaller volumes of breast tissue to create a sculpted, smaller, lifted and beautiful breast. Its goal is to reduce the breast volume while focusing on the overall aesthetics. Aesthetic breast reduction is usually not covered by third party insurers.

When breast reduction is pursued by men, it is usually in response to an overdevelopment of glandular tissue (a condition known as gynecomastia, in combination with a significant amount of excess skin. During the procedure, Dr. Namnoum will remove excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, creating a more typical male chest while minimizing the effects of scarring. Breast reduction in men is often required after massive weight loss but can be of value in any man with excessive amounts of glandular tissue and skin.

For more information about breast reduction, please call our office today. A consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss your unique situation and consider the wide variety of options available to you.

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