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cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery atlanta ga
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries of the breasts are among the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world. Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. James D. Namnoum offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures for the breasts including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast revision, and breast reconstruction.

He has a special interest in breast augmentation, management of implant-related complications including symmastia and malposition, mastopexy using short, cosmetically hidden scars, and breast reconstruction.

Breast augmentation surgery works to enhance the shape, size, and position of the breasts to help create a more proportional and aesthetically pleasing body shape. Dr. Namnoum uses both silicone and saline implants for breast augmentation depending on your unique needs. During a consultation Dr. Namnoum will discuss your breast implant and surgical technique options to help you determine what would be best for your desired look.

In addition to breast augmentation, Dr. Namnoum offers a variety of breast surgery procedures based on your needs and concerns. Breast revision surgery may eventually be necessary after a breast augmentation for various reasons. Patients who desire a different size or implant type, are not satisfied with their results, have experienced weight fluctuation, or those who develop complications may need to correct their prior procedure.

After a woman undergoes a mastectomy they can opt for breast reconstruction to construct natural looking breasts that mirror the form and appearance of their original breasts. Breast lift surgery raises the position of the breasts while re-shaping the breasts to a more youthful contour. Breast reduction surgery decreases the size of overly large breasts.

Dr. Namnoum meets with each of his patients to discuss their desired appearance and their specific needs. Browse his breast surgery Before & After gallery to learn more about Dr. Namnoum’s work.