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4 Steps to a Successful Breast Enhancement

Whether you call it an “augmentation mammoplasty” or simply a “boob job,” breast augmentation is undoubtedly the most popular form of cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States today.  With more than 300,000 such procedures performed in the last year alone, it’s no wonder that this one technique has practically become synonymous with the practice of cosmetic plastic surgery.  However, even though breast augmentation procedures boast extremely high patient satisfaction rates, it is important to remember that every patient is different and no two procedures are ever exactly the same.  That is why I always emphasize four vital steps for a successful breast enhancement, which I explain further in this video I filmed for the Plastic Surgery Channel.

As you can see from the breast enhancement video, I firmly believe that a successful breast augmentation procedure hinges on establishing a clear and open channel of communication both before and after the procedure.  Over the years, I have found that if I have a complete picture of what the patient really wants and the patient understands what they can realistically expect, we can achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction.  Moreover, when the patient knows that I am there to answer their questions after the procedure and I have a chance to catch and correct any rare complications that might occur, we can achieve the best breast augmentation results.

If you are interested in discussing your breast augmentation options, or if you would like to experiment with different implant sizes and types using the Vectra® M3 imaging system, please contact me, Dr. James Namnoum, to schedule a full breast augmentation consultation today.  You can also learn more about breast augmentation or about any of the other cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures that I preform by following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ or by checking out my website for the latest plastic surgery news and updates.

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