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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure that utilizes breast implants to enhance the shape, projection, and volume of the breast. This typically involves the use of an implant that has an outer shell of silicone and inner fill of either silicone or saline.

Modern breast implants have the firmness and feel of a gummy bear. These implants are stiffer and of higher quality than those of earlier generations. The older styles of implant had a tendency to weep silicone gel from the inside, causing the breasts to harden and change in appearance, a condition known as capsular contracture. While capsular contracture following breast augmentation can still occur it, fortunately, is a rare occurrence in my practice.

Breast implants come in an enormous range of sizes and styles, but can generally be grouped into two classifications: round and shaped. The shaped implants are also known as teardrop or anatomically shaped implants and are always made out of silicone gel on the outside and inside. Breast augmentation with round implants involves the placement of implants of various sizes and projections. Some implants are stiffer due to their fill or the composition of the silicone gel contained within the outer shell. A wide range of choices are available, so it is helpful to make use of 3-dimensional imaging to compare the appearance of different combinations of shape, volume, and projection for a given patient. Decisions are made regarding the type of implant to be used, the incision, the location of the implant above or below the muscle, and the surface quality of the implant, which can be smooth or textured.

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For women who have experienced an excessive amount of sagging skin following weight change or pregnancy, a breast lift with augmentation will often be required. For most other women, however, breast augmentation with silicone implants will create the desired effect.

Many women express an interest in achieving a natural shape. What constitutes a natural shape, however, differs depending on each woman’s conception of what is natural. Many women find the breast shape commonly found in Hollywood celebrities and Victoria’s Secret models to be highly desirable. These patients often express an interest in a “push-up bra” appearance, but without the bra.

The sculpted upper cleavage fill can be created most often through the selection of appropriate implants. Fat grafting to the upper inner portion of the cleavage through a combination of liposuction and fat transfer can further refine this effect.

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