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The human body is an amazing and adaptive thing. For many men and women; however, the cosmetic effects from dramatic weight fluctuation, aging and child birth can be less than desirable. Dr. James D. Namnoum works individually with each of his patients to tailor a care plan specifically for their cosmetic needs.

Using his many years of experience as an Atlanta board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Namnoum performs liposuction, tummy tuck, and arm lift procedures to help patients restore a more youthful body contour and svelte silhouette.

Much in the same way the breast procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift are combined to address several cosmetic issues simultaneously, Dr. Namnoum also enjoys performing a custom combination of body contouring and breast procedures, or Mommy Makeover surgery, to address the lax skin and stretched muscle that can occur during pregnancy and after child birth.

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For more information on the body contouring procedures that Dr. Namnoum performs or to schedule your consultation, please contact his office. You can also view some of Dr. Namnoum’s previous body procedure surgical results by visiting his photo gallery page.